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Hennessey performance specializes in speed watch this 800-hp hennessey escalade smoke a camaro zl1 in a drag race maxim. The 1,000-hp hennessey exorcist chevrolet camaro zl1 has hit 217 mph in a top speed run find out more about the tuner special camaro right here. The folks from hennessey performance have finally taken their 1000-horsepower exorcist camaro zl1 to the drag strip with stunning results – laying down a quarter mile time of 957 at 147 miles per hour. To prep the camaro faithful for the upcoming dodge srt demon, hennessey now offers a 1,000 hp exorcist package for the mighty 2017 chevrolet camaro zl1. Hennessey performance's 1000-hp camaro zl1 has just reached a top speed of 217 mph, now making it the world's fastest gen6 camaro. On tuesday, hennessey released a video of the exorcist camaro zl1 and the tuning company showed the hopped-up pony car is good for a 217 mph top speed for some comparison, the challenger demon will top out at 203 mph.

Hennessey has revealed the exorcist, based on the 2017 chevrolet camaro zl1, and packing 1,000 hp to outgun the dodge demon. Hennessey performance’s exorcist camaro couldn’t be more appropriately named seeing as it just vanquished the most intimidating muscle car in the game with ford performance. Hennessey has built a dodge demon-slaying camaro with 1000bhp and called it the exorcist your move, dodge hennessey has tuned the camaro up to astonishing levels of performance, producing a sub-10-second quarter-mile and veyron-beating power. The dodge demon hasn't even been launched yet, but that hasn't stopped the overachievers at hennessey performance from building a performance kit for the chevrolet camaro zl1 that's aimed at stopping the demon dead in its tracks appropriately dubbed the exorcist, hennessey performance has.

Recently the hennessey performance team tested a specially-modified 2016 chevy camaro ss in uvalde, texas, with the aim of making it go as fast as possible they were able to achieve a verified speed of 2021 miles per hour on feb 25 this is the first gen 6 camaro to hit that speed record related. What happens when a stock hellcat challenger races a zl1 camaro with the hennessey hpe750 upgrade package both cars have 6-speed manual transmissions and ro. This, girls and boys, is a chevrolet camaro capable of 217mph that makes it quicker than the latest corvette zr1 which, according to the camaro.

Hennessey performance offers 2017 zl1 camaro performance upgrade packages and mail order parts kits to increase horsepower and torque while improving 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile acceleration as well as top speed hennessey upgrades including superchargers, twin turbo systems, heads, cam, wheels, tires, stroker motor, pistons, rods, camshaft. Supercharged 2013 camaro 2ss hennessey hpe 650 this is a hennessey performance edition 650 horsepower camaro, with only 17k miles in. When the chevrolet camaro zl1 was announced a few months ago with 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque, we knew it wasn’t going to be enough for the hennessey. With 959 horsepower at the wheels, this beast has no problem hitting high speeds.

Hennessay camaro

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The hennessey exorcist is the firm's effort to take on the dodge challenger demon by building a camaro zl1 with an engine tuned to 1,000 horsepower. You can bet hennessey performance engineering had one figure in mind when developing the exorcist chevrolet camaro zl1: the dodge challenger demon's 965-second quarter-mile time. Hennessey performance engineering revealed the 1,000-horsepower exorcist chevrolet camaro zl1 last april, and since then the car's become an assailing answer to dodge's challenger demon, even if it's not an oem package.

  • Watch the 1,000-hp hennessey 'exorcist' chevy camaro zl1 convertible hit the dyno now you can put the top down to better hear the exorcist sing its glorious song.
  • Hennessey just built a 1000-hp camaro zl1 to challenge the demon dubbed the exorcist, hennessey says it'll run sub-10-second quarter-miles.
  • Hennessey performance released a video today on its youtube channel showing the exorcist reaching 217 mph at the continental uvalde proving grounds high-speed oval, at the hands of ford performance school driver brian smith the exorcist's top speed is 19 mph faster than the stock zl1's factory.

The hennessey exorcist camaro hit a top speed of 217 mph at a texas test track, beating the chevrolet corvette zr1 and a host of supercars. Hennessey's 1,000-horsepower camaro has achieved its main purpose of being faster than the dodge demon. John hennessey is going to force out your demon with his new zl1-based exorcist camaro, though priests and an. Meet ‘the exorcist’, john hennessey’s take on the camaro zl1 and his answer to dodge’s unhinged, 840bhp wheelie-popping demon full tg review inside.

hennessay camaro Find great deals on ebay for hennessey camaro and yenko camaro shop with confidence. hennessay camaro Find great deals on ebay for hennessey camaro and yenko camaro shop with confidence. hennessay camaro Find great deals on ebay for hennessey camaro and yenko camaro shop with confidence.
Hennessay camaro
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